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AVAX Blood Pressure

AVAX Blood Pressure is a comprehensive diary app that will help you keep track of your blood pressure. It's entirely ad-free and free of charge. Let's give it a try now.

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AVAX Blood Pressure is a comprehensive yet simple to use blood pressure diary that will help you keeping track of your blood pressure over time. Here are some of the key reasons why AVAX Blood Pressure is the best blood pressure app available.


Super quick entry

Our app is designed for fast and easy use. As a result of that you can create new records in record time and with just three clicks. If you like to create records that are more comprehensive: We have options for that, too.


Syncronization & Backup

Do avoid any risk of data loss, your blood pressure records are automatically backed-up in our database. That also means your data is available on all your devices. Currently we support Android and iOS.


Top-class privacy & security

Our app can be used with just an e-mail address. If you do not want to sync your data across devices, you can even use it fully anonymously. We do not share, use or analyze your data or sell it to any 3rd party.


Free & no ads

Our app is free to use. We don't like ads, so wo don't use them. Only our PDF-reports and an additional statistic that are a tiny bit limited in the free version. But even these are fully free to try out.



Meaningful charts

A number of timeline charts will help you identify trends in your data.


Clear statistics

We categorize your records as recommended by doctors and present them in a way thats easy to understand.


Custom reminders

Never forget to take your blood pressure again. With customizable notifications that remind you whenever you want.


Complete history

Our diary is fully unlimited and you will always be able to access all your historic records at any time.


Easy export & reporting

Share or download your data as csv or xlsx file. Or generate a PDF repor that includes charts and statistics.


Highly customizable

Our app is highly customizeable, in case you only want to see and use particular charts or input fields.



If you have any questions, please reach out to us via e-mail.